Spanish I PreAP Summer Preparation

Summer preparation for students taking
Spanish I PreAP:

Chapter I Vocabulary Link

The Spanish I PreAP teachers are requiring their students to prepare flash cards and study Chapter 1's vocabulary. Once they are prepared, you will need to practice with them. (Even though you might not be able to pronounce the Spanish words, it is important that you recognize themand know theirEnglish meaningsbefore you begin the class.) Bring the flash cards with you on the first day of your Spanish class!

Directions for making flash cards for vocabulary words:

The best method is to use 3" X 5" index cards and cut them in half. (A packet of 100 index cards would make 200 flash cards.)

On the front of each flash card, write the Spanish vocabulary word(s).

On the bottom, left-hand corner, put your initials (first name and last name).

On the bottom, right-hand corner, put the number of the vocabulary word(s). They are numbered on the attached vocabulary list.

On the back of each flash card, write the English equivalent of the Spanish vocabulary.

Each chapter is divided into 2 vocabulary sections. For instance, in Chapter 1, there is Vocabulary 1.1 and Vocabulary 1.2. Flash cards will be labeled according to chapter and section. Write the chapter and section (1.1 or 1.2) on the bottom, right-hand corner.

Flash Card Example

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